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Participant Comments

  • "I just got my evaluations sent to me in the mail from Arcadia for the fall semester math ed course I teach there. I focus a lot of time and attention on FA and DI, based on everything I learned from Pete and have since built upon in practice in my own classroom. Anyway, I got the best compliment I've ever received from a student, and I owe it all to Pete. One of the students wrote, "Learning about teaching math from Michelle is like learning baseball from an MLB player." Well, of course, instant sobbing. My dog's looking at me like I'm freakin nuts, haha. But seriously, I would never be where I am today, as a high school math teacher or as a college math ed instructor, without Pete. He is an amazing person, someone who I greatly admire and respect, and the one who inspired me to want to teach other math teachers about improving their craft. I hope to pass by the two of you in that conference room again very soon so that I can thank him in person." High School Math Teacher, Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School
  • "I just wanted to send you a quick email to say THANK YOU for taking me under your wing and helping me to be the teacher I am today.  Working so closely with you has been by far the most challenging yet rewarding experience in my professional career.  Not only do I benefit from what you taught me on a daily basis, but my students do and so does the staff I work with. You truly are an amazing educator, and I thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with me." -4th Grade Math Teacher, Erdenheim Elementary School
  • "I just want to say thank you for this opportunity!  I learned quite a bit about what I already do and what I could do to become a better teacher.  It has actually made me more motivated to try new strategies to increase student engagement. Thank you!!!!!" - Middle School English-Language Arts Teacher
  • "I am working my way through the DI course.  I’ve been struggling to manage iReady and DI and so I am playing catch up...I have to say how much I LOVE the course! It’s amazing.  I am completely impressed with the quality of this and feel like I have learned so much just working through it.  You should be so proud of this product.  I have a few more modules to go.  I’m so excited to know our staff members have access to this and to you.  Thanks." - Middle School Principal
  • “It provides realistic examples, strategies, and feedback to use throughout the school year as well as helps me as a teacher provide a classroom with effective DI.” - Teacher; Induction program
  • "I continue to be grateful for all of the learning that our teachers are gaining through this program – I see it every day in the classrooms.  It is, by far, one of the best things that WHS has done – and you and your Team are to be thanked for that!" - High School Principal
  • “I have definitely considered the 4 Pillars and assessment when planning my lessons.  I am constantly thinking of ways to effectively assess my students to ensure that I am meeting the correct level of engagement.  I have learned that assessment is not something that just follows lessons, but it also drives instruction." - High School Teacher
  • "Your sessions have greatly increased my "toolbox" with differentiating strategies for our classroom lessons. I now feel more comfortable including DI in my classroom. DI is a must have for a majority of my lessons. I hope future cohorts embrace this great resource." - High School Teacher
  • "My staff have made a concerted effort to implement DI strategies into their lessons. In conversations with them, they were all very appreciative of the ideas and the coaching. I know my intermediate teachers are anxiously awaiting their turn and they look forward to the fall. I thank you both as well for the excellent PD you have consistently provided us over the last 2 years." - Principal, Grenwich-Lenhartsville Elementary School
  • “The structure of the workshop served to teach and model the concepts and strategies. Key concepts and vocabulary were regularly reinforced, and there were frequent checks for understanding and application.” - Administrator; DI program
  • "THANK YOU! I love being part of this program - it is making me a better teacher, all the time! Key Learning from today: Learned new Think Dots, reviewed Tiered Instruction - and some essentials for incorporating that efficiently!"