Jamie Lincow

Jamie Lincow

Professional Learning Facilitator

Jamie Lincow began her tenure in the classroom over 20 years ago when she received emergency certification to teach Spanish. She enjoyed interacting with the students and creating an impact on the future, and she decided to pursue her permanent teaching certification.

Since her initial courses teaching basic Spanish, she went on to teach intermediate and advanced levels and now teaches the AP Spanish Language course and AP Spanish Literature and Culture course at Lower Moreland High School, where she is Chair of the World Language Department.

Jamie believes that exposure to diverse customs, cultures, and languages allows students to gain a broader perspective of the world and increase acceptance in the classroom.  After completing Dr. Grande’s courses on Differentiation, Jamie prides herself on differentiating her own lessons and coaching teachers to provide lessons and materials that target each diverse learner in the classroom.

Jamie earned her B.A. in Spanish Language and American Studies from Brandeis University, her M.Ed. from Holy Family University, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature from Temple University.  She currently lives in Montgomery County with her husband and their 3 children.