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Expert Tips: Management Considerations for Anchors 


Overview: Anchors are designed to support the use of other DI strategies. Use the following tips to reflect on the management considerations for your lesson including Anchors. As you work through the activities, think about additions, edits or changes you can make to improve your lesson. 


Remember that effective teachers:

  • KnowHow do you want your classroom to feel, look and sound?
  • Teach: What strategies will you use to explain, model and communicate your expectations and procedures?
  • Reinforce: What strategies will you use to support students in following the expectations and procedures?

Enforce: What consequences will you implement when students are unsuccessful in meeting the expectations and procedures?


Anchors Top Three Tips Video

Take a look at this short video outlining the top three management tips for successfully managing the use of Anchors in your classroom. 


Anchors Management Questions

Answer the following interview questions to guide your thinking on the best management considerations for using Anchors:


  1. What are your expectations and procedures for your students to use Anchors?
    • How will you communicate and teach them to your students?
    • Where/how will they be posted?
    • Do you feel as though these expectations will guide students when 1) they have a question, 2) get stuck or 3) finish early?  If so, how?
    • How will students transition to the Anchor with the least disruption to others?
  2. Where will the Anchor materials be located?
    • Where will the students put completed work?
    • Where will students keep unfinished Anchor work?
  3. What type of Anchor(s) will you offer?
    • Short term (part of lesson)
    • Medium term (weekly)
    • Long term (marking period/unit)
  4. In what way will you hold students accountable for their work and behavior?
  5. How will you provide feedback for your students? 
  6. If a student(s) is unable to follow the expectations and procedures, what consequences do you plan to implement? When will you implement them?


Guiding Questions



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