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Watch the teachers below explain how they use Power Slides ℠.

Why Use a Power Slide ℠?

Crafting Learning Targets

The Value of Power Slides ℠ - Secondary - Nicole

The Value of Power Slides ℠ - Elementary - Alyssa

Check in, Check on, Check out

Deeper Dive into Checks with Exemplar

Deeper Dive into Check On with Becky

Power Slide ℠ Overview with Scott

Real Life with Teachers - Transitioning to Power Slides ℠

Check in, Check on, Check out - Remote Learning

Common Power Slide ℠ Questions

Split Screen/Power Slide 3:27 - Science - Grade 8 - Theresa M.

Power Slide ℠ Hub

Checklist & Look Fors

Sample Templates & Examples by Level

Learning Target Resources

Check In, Check On, Check Out Resources

Power Slide ℠ and Danielson Crosswalk