Personalized Learning

TLS Personalizing Professional Learning Offerings for Districts

TLS Offers districts a variety of products and methods to Personalize the Learning.

For Administrators

Admin workshops–It is critical for admin team to understand the what, why and how for the intended complex instructional change. These workshops typically begin prior to the work with the staff and continue twice a year during the change process. See the TLS Admin Principles for Promoting Complex Instructional Change.

For Staff

  1. Face to Face workshops (small group) with coaching.
  2. Hybrid–(small group) Face to Face workshops with online Canvas Course work and coaching.
  3. Large group introductory workshops designed to accomplish one or more of the following:
    • Communicate the Vision, process and expectations 
    • Communicate critical concepts to begin to develop group efficacy
  4. Online opportunities
    • 36 Canvas Competencies/Strategies
      • 15 plug and play, Making DI Doable modules on Canvas including:
        • Tiering
        • Anchors
        • Scaffolding
        • Split Screen/Flexible Grouping
        • Expert Partner Jigsaw
        • RAFT
        • Compacting
        • Must do/Can do
        • Learning Choices
        • Think Dots
        • Challenge by Choice
        • Targeted Checks for Understanding
        • Individual Accountability 
        • Formative Assessment
        • Differentiated Instruction Frameworks: Four Pillars of DI and A R E Assessment Driven, Responsive and Engaging

Each Strategy module contains: Clear, concise strategy description of the what, why and how; “Teachers Talk to Pete” video examples; Lesson examples from all levels; TLS Expert Tips video; List of questions to ask yourself while planning and a list of descriptors of what quality application looks like.

      • 11 Tech Tools – 11 Tech Tool Modules on Canvas to support responsive instruction. These modules feature step by step instruction and make use of TLS’s Teachers Talk to Pete Videos.
        1. Edpuzzle
        2. Flipgrid
        3. Nearpod
        4. Google Classroom
        5. Google Forms
        6. Padlet 
        7. Quizizz
        8. Rewordify
        9. Screencast-o-matic
        10. Wizer
        11. Google Expeditions – Virtual Field Trips & Augmented Reality
      • 10 Active Engagement Strategy Competencies (Video based) on Canvas
        1. Think-Write-Check and Perfect
        2. First Word/Last Word
        3. 10-2 Increase Engagement in Lecture
        4. Read and React
        5. Brainstorm and Categorize
        6. List, Pass, Amass
        7. Numbered Heads
        8. Match Mind
        9. Smart Charts
        10. Silent Seek and Find
      • Listing of 35 additional Active Engagement Strategies
    • TLS Making DI Doable Strategy Toolkit
      • 12 DI Strategies
        • Description
        • Teacher videos
        • Look Fors
        • Lesson examples
        • Self Check Questions
        • Planning tool
      • Management Padlet
    • District Protocol for PLS Third Learning Danielson online competencies

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