TLS Differentiated Instruction Toolkit

TLS Differentiated Instruction Toolkit


Post pandemic, the need for Differentiated Instruction (DI) and equitable learning opportunities has never been greater. The DI Toolkit is an easy to navigate teacher resource that provides a digital pathway to assessment driven and responsive instruction. It sharpens a teacher’s ability to engage students at the correct level of difficulty in each lesson. This resource provides real-world videos, strategy descriptions, lesson plans, and management tips from educators who differentiate everyday.

Click here to listen to a Coach describe how her district has used the DI Strategy Toolkit for 8 years to make DI Doable. 

“The Toolkit provides realistic examples, strategies, and management tips that made DI doable for me. I use it on a regular basis.” – Erin M. High School Science Teacher

“It (DI Strategy Toolkit) has actually made me more motivated to try new strategies to increase student engagement. Thank you!” – Brooke R. Middle School English-Language Arts Teacher

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