Mary Pat Long

Mary Pat Long

Professional Learning Facilitator

Mary Pat Long is a dedicated, energetic educator who worked in Spring-Ford Area School District for over two decades.  During those years she enjoyed many different roles including classroom teacher, math support teacher, math coach, assistant principal, federal programs coordinator and elementary principal.  Mrs. Long always places a focus on positivity and collaboration and believes that students’ needs are best met when educators focus on the individuals in their classroom.

Mrs. Long is a life-long learner and although she spent the majority of her working career in the field of education, her first job upon graduating from college was as a computer programmer.  Her deep appreciation and love of math and analytics have served her well throughout her time in public education as she continuously looked to the data to inform instructional decisions.  She is adept at breaking down large amounts of data into understandable chunks and then modeling logical courses of action aimed toward improving all students’ outcomes.  Mary Pat enjoys delving into these areas where she can exercise her left brained strengths.

Mary Pat also nurtures her right brain strength areas.  She worked as a counselor prior to becoming a teacher and has tapped into her counseling psychology skills daily throughout her decades in a school environment.  Although education was not her first career choice, becoming an educator was a perfect way for Mary Pat to combine her left and right brain passions in a way that balanced her desire to help individuals become their best selves while doing so in a systematic equitable way.  Facilitating professional learning with committed educators is a perfect way to continue her journey.  

Mrs. Long earned a B.S. in computer science at St. Joseph’s University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Immaculata and worked as a computer programmer and as a counselor before getting certifications in Elementary Education, Middle School Mathematics, and supervisory certifications in Curriculum and Instruction as well as Elementary and Secondary Principal.